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FAQ » Overview

What is OIOpublisher?
OIOpublisher is an ad manager, written in php, that lets you control the ad space on your websites. We also offer a marketplace to help you engage with advertisers.

Does OIOpublisher take a cut of my sales?
Absolutely not! After purchasing the ad manager, all the revenue from all the sales you make using OIO go straight to you.

What can I sell with OIOpublisher?
You can sell banners, text links, intext ads, paid reviews and even custom products / services. Check out our demo for further examples.

How much does OIOpublisher cost?
Access to all OIOpublisher features, including the ad management script and submission to the marketplace costs a one-off fee of $47. You can pay via credit card or using a PayPal account.

Can I give OIOpublisher to my friends?
You may not redistribute OIO to anyone else. The license is only valid for you and the websites you own. You can however refer them to us via our affiliate program.

What type of website is OIOpublisher optimal for?
You can use OIO on any type of website, although we currently focus on small / medium sized businesses. You can use OIO to directly sell your ad space or even just manage your existing ad space (eg. affiliate ads, banner rotation).

Is OIOpublisher compatible with blogger.com or WordPress.com blogs?
Both blogger.com and WordPress.com are examples of hosted blogs. Blogger allows you to use ads, but only if you have access to your own web host to install OIO on. WordPress.com does not allow the use of advertising at all on its blogs. Please click here for the full installation requirements.

What type of payments can I accept through OIOpublisher for my ad space?
The primary payment option is PayPal, which allows users to pay via credit card or a paypal account. Click here for a full list of payment processors supporters.

What is the marketplace?
The aim of the marketplace is to give OIO users more exposure to advertisers, who can browse websites of interest to them and then purchase directly from you.

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FAQ » Installation

What are the installation requirements?
You must have access to a web host to install OIOpublisher on yourself. Click here for a list of all installation requirements. Please ask your web host to help you with any of the requirements you are not sure of, before purchasing.

What platforms does OIOpublisher run on?
The script can be installed by itself and then integrated with any other 3rd party script. It also runs as a WordPress plugin (no modifications needed). Click here for more information about WordPress compatibility.

How many different websites can I run my copy of OIOpublisher on?
A purchase of the OIOpublisher software is a multi-site license. You can run OIO on any website you own. You may not run the script on a friend's website or any website you do not own.

Is there a demo of OIOpublisher available?
Yes, a demo of both advertiser and admin features is available here.

Is there a free version of OIOpublisher available?
At this time, no free version is available.

Where can I find tutorials on how to use OIOpublisher?
Our guides & tutorials are all available here.

What license agreement is in place when purchasing and using OIOpublisher?
You can view the license agreement by clicking here.

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