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Thumbnail 8 Asians is a collaborative blog of Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians. But once you look past the fact that we fill out the same bubble in a census survey, youíll see that we donít have much in common, and as youíll soon see, thatís not such a bad thing. Weíll be posting about whatever Asian issues are currently relevant in our lives, whether it be pop culture or current events or...

Body and Soul Publishing

Thumbnail Our passion is to share the gospel of Christ through books to as many people as possible. We do this by sharing Christian books that are free each day on our blog. We also let you know about giveaways that you can enter as well.

Plan For POTUS

Thumbnail Plan For POTUS(President of the United States of America)

Thunder Bay Classifieds

Thumbnail Thunder Bay Free Classified ads for Thunder Bay Ontario.

Wedding Row California

Thumbnail Wedding Row California features beautiful weddings from all over the great State of California.

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