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Title: Padded Tush Stats
Category: Family
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Description: At Padded Tush Stats, we understand that cloth diapers work differently on all babies. Your baby’s body type (skinny waist? chunky thighs?) and particular needs (rash prone? heavy wetter?) will influence how well a diaper fits and performs on them. With the help of parents who have already used the diapers on their baby, we can compile statistics based on their experiences and help other families find the diapers that will best suit their baby’s needs or body type.

We are also a large resource of information on all things cloth diapering: we have tables where people can pick the detergent that would work best for their washing machine type and water conditions, a searchable database where people can find the best deal out there on the diaper they are looking for, as well as an abundance of articles on cloth diapering and hundreds of reviews of cloth diapers and related products.

So whether you're contemplating trying cloth diapers for the first time or a veteran diaperer who is looking for something new to try, PTS is here to help you out!

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