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Title: If You Can't Afford To Tip, You Can't Afford To Go Out And Eat...
Category: Society
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Description: A place to vent...A place to learn...A place for servers and patrons to share their stories and experiences with others!

This is a blog for servers, bartenders, and the service industry to share their stories and relate to others who have had the same experiences. It's a great place to not only vent about the frustrations of your job, but it is also for finding the humor in your job and making light of certain situations.

There are so many people out there who are unaware of how much servers are paid hourly. This page's goal is to spread the word and educate individuals about the federal minimum wage for tipped employees.

We currently have a Facebook page with over 96,000 members and have constant traffic coming to our blog on a daily basis. There is no doubt that we have the fan base for our site. Now just need the sponsors.

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