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Title: Marketing Wit and Wisdom
Category: Marketing
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Description: How to Laugh All the Way to the Bank!nThe entertaining wit and hard-earned wisdom of veteran marketing and sales copywriter, Barry A. Densa, is on full display in this blog devoted to effective direct marketing techniques and the writing of compelling and persuasive sales copy.nnWhether you’re a grizzled veteran marketer or copywriter, and you think you’ve learned everything there is to learn about direct marketing…nnOr you’re a newbie just getting your feet wet, and you’re wondering how to pump-up your marketing promotions so they’ll pull in more money faster…nnThis blog will help you master the selling secrets only the most successful marketers have long-known: the tested and proven selling techniques that transform promotions, online and off, into free-flowing income streams.nnRegardless of the business you’re in, the product you sell, the market you sell to or where you sell it, the insights you can glean from this blog will help you easily and quickly turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal, cash-waving fans!

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