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Home Improvement
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Generations of Inspiration

Thumbnail Home and garden projects inspired by past generations...

Gift Ideas for Kids

Thumbnail Gift Ideas for Your Kids” is all about Gifts and Gift Ideas for your Kids of all ages. As a parent, we do give lots of gifts to our Kids on one occasion or the other. The purpose of this website is to provide you the Gifts and Gift ideas which will not only entertain your child, but will also help them improve their Knowledge and Skills to prepare them...

Zesty Vegan

Thumbnail Vegan Food Blog. Information site on vegan recipes and other info like books, movies, events, and restaurants relating to the vegan lifestyle.

Pretty Handy Girl

Thumbnail A DIY Empowerment blog full of detailed tutorials for home repair, home improvement, crafting, sewing and more. With over 300K pageviews per month (6/2012) and growing everyday, this is a great site to advertise your home/craft or decor related business. The majority of my readers are women ages 25 - 55.

Cheap Electricity Options

Thumbnail The world's energy needs are increasing daily. That means our monthly electricity bills are going up too and, given today's financial problems, who wouldn't be interested in some cheap electricity? Cheap Electricity Options looks at various alternative energy methods and technologies that are available to the home owner so that they can reduce the costs of their electricity bill.

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