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World Care Ministis International

Thumbnail World Care Ministry is a fellowship of believers dedicated to demonstrating the love of God to all people; leading them to a personal relationship to Jesus Christ accepting and assisting them with the basic necessities of life: Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medicine, worship, Bible study and Christian service.

Carbon Credit Certificates

Thumbnail Carbon Credit Certificates is a website for information on Carbon Credit Certificates. Traffic is highly geared towards the eco/green market. banner placements and links are very well positioned on all pages.

Elfenwald - besser Leben in den Waeldern

Thumbnail Elfenwald ("forest of the elves" in German) is a new ecovillage/community project. Quite unique in its approach, bringing together high-tech and very "primitive" living close to nature, polyamory and (positive) anarchy, a not-too-newagey spirituality and science. We are a unique breed. And we are about to move from Germany to Paraguay. So anything eco-, forest-, community-, and emigration-related will find an interested audience! Special rates until Jan 2010!!

The Green Dove

Thumbnail Green, the color of nature, symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, fertility. Olive green is the traditional color of peace, while a white dove is the international symbol of peace. Together, they make The Green Dove an online magazine filled with feature stories, interesting facts, videos and interviews designed to inspire, surprise, teach and enlighten. There's even the occasional recipe or two. At The Green Dove, we believe caring for the planet...

Organic Farming Blog

Thumbnail Organic Farming Blog. Filled with interesting facts, comparison articles and opinions on everything related to organic farming,organic soil, organic seeds and organic fertilizer.

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