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free cinema

Thumbnail free cinema codes for the uk market.

Gear Vault

Thumbnail Guitar and gear reviews blog/website

Photo Aspects

Thumbnail Photo Aspects offers photography tips, instruction and guides!

Movie Making Net

Thumbnail A website that is dedicated to helping extend the knowledge of low budget and indie movie makers, from the pre-production stage through to the distribution phase. This website would be suited to a number of advertisers who are in the entertainment field. Along with the following fields: Technology Cameras Televisions Online Stores (amazon-like) Computing Software Entertainment Arts We will accept the majority of publishers but we feel the above would...

Starved Magazine

Thumbnail Starved Magazine is the new avenue to discover emerging young artists, brow raising articles and the most up-to-the-second projects in the media. We feature the works musicians, stylists, writers, filmmakers and photographers. Starved also serves as an instantly bookmark-able avenue for fashion trends, hilarious news, music playlists (featuring new artists), fascinating places to eat on a budget, short stories/poetry, and out-of-the-rhombus films. Our goal is to redefine the online magazine experience.

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